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plastic cement grinder blades, plastic material crushing knife


plastic cement grinder blades, plastic material crushing knife


Tag:plastic cement grinder blades, plastic material crushing knife



plastic cement grinder blades has more than 20 years of research and development and production in our plant, we are the industry leader in China. in blades body shape, coating and so on, we have a number of patents. factory of CNC equipment mostly from Germany import, effectively guarantee the accuracy of the blades. production process, we choose according to the plastics industry machinery, at the same time ensure plastic cement grinder blades durability, modest increases in some other characteristics, increase production efficiency. blades in the factory prior by our senior test engineer to carry out random spot checks to ensure product qualified rate.

Produced by our factory plastic material crushing knife require: temperature forged, annealed, CNC machining, hardening, tempering, grinding, second general process for tempering, grinding, lapping. ensure the blade rigid, sharp and tough. on this basis, also according to different needs, to cold, coating the blade or the blade steel processing, increase blade characteristics, provided the customer's productivity.

Produced by our factory blades can be: PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, GPPS, EPS, HIPS, AS, SAN, ABS, PMMA, EVA, PET, PBT, PA, PC, POM, PPO, PPS, PU, PSD plastic material for cutting, grinding, crushing, sealing and other operations.

Our factory warehouse adequate plastic material crushing knife, if you need, please contact us, we can delivery at any time. plastic material crushing knife need to customize if you need, our experienced engineers will according to your needs and help you choose materials and processing technology of deep customization, you just need to provide drawings or hand-painted manuscript.

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