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plastic cutter material


Shanghai zhengli blade in plastic cutting blades research and development, production has more than 30 years. we produce all of the blades in the plastics industry, and annual inventory of a large number of plastics industry blades, is the leader of chinese plastics industry blades. at present, i plant the production of blades have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, wherein the plastic cutting blades higher standard of Japan, Britain and other countries of our customers are very pleased with blades.

Our selection of raw plastic cutting blades. depending on the requirements of plastic cutting machine, the blade using the most appropriate raw materials. common steel raw materials are: high-speed steel, tungsten steel, carbon steel, tool steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, inlaid front steel, inlaid alloy, carbide, steel front and so on, and according to the different needs of the blade using chrome, zinc, titanium to increase tool life and hardness.

Our plastic cutting blades carefully selected processes. depending on the needs of plastic cutting machine, use a different process to produce the corresponding blade. general processing technology are: hot forging, annealing, CNC machining, quenching, tempering, coarse grinding, the second tempering, grinding, polishing. thus ensuring the production of blades customers need it most.

In addition, we accept custom blades. if you have different requirements for blades, we can according to your requirements by our experienced engineers help you choose blades materials and processing technology of production, to ensure production of blades you need, you only need to provide drawings or hand-painted artwork blade.


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