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Low-speed crusher blades wear and tear of the main reasons



First, the hardness of the material. If Low-speed crusher blades material strength is large, even hard than the Low-speed crusher blades of building material, sure to increase Low-speed crusher blades wear speed, resulting in some parts of early retirement, the candle. Users should also refer to imitated, for low speed grinder precise manipulation.


Second, material impurities. If impurities grinding materials which contain some of the more difficult to mix, destroyed cannot be broken so that the mill indoor constantly cycle will accelerate the rate of wear of the Low-speed crusher blades. So before feeding must filter on the item, the impurities out.


Third, the composition of the wearing parts. Create roller type low speed shredder ring and rollers must use the highest quality steel, poor-quality steel building components and wear faster, may users use the 1-2 months to replace it, this will cause the user's property. Manganese steel is to build a super small Low-speed crusher blades wearing parts are the most suitable steel, manganese is a weak carbide forming elements into cementite, Fe3C sector instead of the iron Atom, forming alloys carbide; can get refined Pearlite inhibit precipitation and precipitation of carbide graphite, chaos effect on the austenite, more blade wear.

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