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The scope of application of plastic crusher blade know how much



Plastic crusher blade is not only more types, and different materials, relatively speaking, mainly made of high-quality steel. And has a strong wear resistance and sharpness. For different hardness of the material can be crushed, and can also be based on the actual needs of the crushing material volume size settings. Greatly improving the work efficiency, reducing the unnecessary waste of time and expenses.


Such a blade is applicable to a very wide range. The most common is in the plastics industry, rubber industry and other industries. And with other blades for the accuracy of the requirements is also very high, to ensure the accuracy of the blade can be based on the protection and equipment to the perfect combination, according to the different needs of the corresponding crushing. Different materials need to select the blade is different, but the blade angle and so will have some differences.


In order to ensure the efficiency of the blade, in the production process will be by means of heat treatment to enhance the hardness of the blade and wear resistance. Formal because of these advantages, so many industries have become an indispensable important parts.

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